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It’s none of their business that you have to learn to write. Let them think you were born that way.

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Ernest Hemingway

American novelist

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Something About Me

I am a content writer, writing coach, and the author of A Library of Characters.
After working for over twelve years for companies like Lowe-Lintas and Microsoft, I finally decided to hang up the corporate boots. It wasn’t a difficult choice to make, partly because I knew what I wanted to do: to write and to tell stories. 
What holds my life together is an amazing bookend, with writing on one side and teaching on the other. During the day, I lock myself in a room to write and bring forth my next book.  In the evening, I offer writing lessons and teach my students how to create powerful stories by using their thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and sheer imagination. In addition, I also write on my blog, iamviwa, and help local clients with their advertising needs, including branding, mailers, and web content.
Write to me at if you have a question, want to hire me, or simply want to say hello.

Here’s how I can help your child turn a blank piece of paper into an interesting story.

Children are always afraid of a blank slate. The fear of making spelling and grammar errors, or perhaps creating a story outline make them reluctant writers. The good news is, no one is born with the “write” genes. With a little discipline, determination, and effort anybody can learn how to write better, even well.

Offering a medley of writing lessons

Writing is an important skill that will benefit children in school and for rest of their lives. It can foster curiosity and critical thinking. Encourage them to use and broaden their imaginations. Improve their focus, attention to detail, and communication. I offer lessons, a cheerful mixed bag of both personal and academic writing, keeping in mind the learning objectives and needs of children. My coaching also provides them an opportunity to learn different forms of writing. Furthermore, helps them identify their strengths and interests, and pursue those talent areas.

  • Poetry

  • Picture story

  • Emails and letters

  • Journals and blogs

  • Notes and cards

  • Speech, essay, and summary

  • Narrative, opinion, and informative writing

  • Writing songs, recipes, invitations, and other fun things

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One child, one story at a time…

Children are unique, and so are their interests, abilities, and dreams. Some like comic and fiction books. Some love poetry. Some want to be a blogger. Some aspire to be a journalist. Some are excellent in public speaking. Some want to learn how to write good emails.
I believe writing is a bridge, which will help them travel to the other side of their lives. Take them to good places like colleges and jobs, and more important, help them unleash their hidden talent and creativity.
The best way to tap into a child’s potential is to give the little one all the time and attention. That is why I provide one-on-one tutoring and right in the comfort of your own home. I also work around your schedule and give you flexible time options.
I offer an array of creative writing lessons and customize my lesson plans to meet each student’s needs and unique interests. I tutor children from 3rd grade onwards. Fees are charged on a monthly basis, with four classes a month and each session lasting for one hour.

Ready to begin your child’s writing journey?

Contact me today. I usually respond the same day.