Summer Vacation: A mixed bag of happy and sad

     “Oh!” As we turned around the corner, I saw three gray spots in the distance. As the road stretched closer to these gray spots, my thoughts became contradicted. My heart raced and butterflies sprouted in my stomach. What would happen next? A trampled car? Or even worse, was I going to see the rest of my summer break?
    Sometimes a summer vacation can be more melancholic than enjoyable. This year’s summer break was an instigating mix of both. The despondent event of my grandfather’s expiration taught me an important lesson that I will more frequently use in life; we should always try our best to trek through the tough times! Even though I was not in school, I was still learning. However, there was one difference – I was being schooled in the subject called life.
    When people use a two-finger gesture, they mean peace. I think a bit differently. The meaning of peace is Valparai, where the grass shines like emerald and the waterfalls glitter like diamonds. However, there is one thing that beats the beauty of nature, it is the unique animal, the lion-tailed monkey . These naughty beings grabbed my snacks and greedily gobbled the cookies. This did not anger me because I was more focused on its beautiful tail. As we climbed higher, the number of monkeys upsurged. Some were basking in the cool waters of Valparai while others were standing with pride in the high eucalyptus trees. However, there was one obstacle in Valparai – the fog. It was almost like we had spectacles with high power. Ergo, we had to descend Valparai with heavy hearts because of the stubborn fog.
    Many people use Tylenol and other cough syrups to cure their cold. However, in the Chinnar forest there was a whole repository of medicine. There weren’t just bottles of Tylenol hanging from trees, but the trees themselves were medicines. As we set off to explore Chinnar, the vegetation and quality of the trees improved. I loved the splendor of the place and the fresh smell coming from all the quarters of the city. The beauty instilled an amicable feeling inside me. We turned around the corner and entered a clearing in the forest. In this diverse landscape, there were many animals, but I spotted something that I didn’t expect to see. At first glance, I saw seven gray blurs. Then when I turned again to examine them, I saw huge white spots stretching out. “Wait!” I said. My dad instantly stopped the car and I put two and two together. These spots were indeed the pride of India. They were the Indian Wild Elephants! Instantly we jumped out of the car with excitement. As white lights flashed from our phones, I felt proud that I had made a wild spotting. I was also scared that the elephants might come charging towards us, so I hurried my parents and brother. However, that day really created a state of confusion in my mind. Should I become a neurosurgeon or a zoologist?
    Whether it was the lessons I learned or the wildlife I saw, my summer was wonderful. Even though I experienced fear and some pensive feelings along the way, I created a summer scrapbook full of wonderful memories. I will cherish this wildlife expedition, and especially the endangered species that I saw. I will also protect these exquisite elephants, so that I can pass on to posterity. The mighty elephants and the crystals of the waterfalls in Valparai and Chinnar will remain in my heart forever. We must always remember to create, share, and protect memories. Oscar Wilde rightly said, “Memory is the diary that we all carry about with us.”

Instruction and learning objective:

Students were asked to transform their summer holidays into a narrative essay. The goal of this exercise was to re-live and remember every moment, so the essay had to cover all three parts: start of the vacation, various events and activities, and life after summer vacation.



Roopesh Dinakaran - 9th grade

Roopesh has a curious and creative mind, and is passionate about writing. He has an impressive vocabulary and always tries to incorporate them in his writing. A keen learner, he is always deeply (and happily) engrossed, right from planning to execution stage. Roopesh is a fine performer and consistently delivers high-quality work.