Midnight Hunt


    It was a dark, stormy night, and my parents were out at a office party. I invited my friend, Tommy, to watch the movie, Midnight Hunt. As soon as the thrilling movie finished, we heard a knock at the door getting louder. I hesitated at first, but then decided to open it. I did not see anybody, but noticed a big, black folder on the ground. I was surprised to see it, but curiosity got the best of me, so I brought it inside.

    When we opened it, we saw nothing, but a tiny, green paper with a message written on it. I started to read, “I have four legs, but I don’t walk. I have my own seat, but I can’t sit. I have a back that doesn’t bend. What am I?”

    Tommy looked at me and said, “Ok, first of all who gave us this, and what is this referring to?”

    “Probably it was Jake, my neighbor,” I said. The detective in us started to investigate the case. We decided to check the sofa because we thought the note might be referring to it. The sofa seemed alright and there was nothing unusual about it. We then went to the dining room because it had a lot of chairs. My favorite was a blue velvet armchair, and I decided to check this first. When I checked, I saw a green sticky note underneath the chair. The note again had a message.

    “I have water, but I don’t drink. I have curtains, but don’t put on a play. When you rest on me you get super clean,” as I read it, I got really confused!

    “How did someone put so many notes around your house without any of you noticing?”

    “I don’t know. Probably it was the plumber who came a week ago to repair my sink or Bretta who came to clean my house yesterday.”

    We decided to decode the message on the note. “The sink, bathtub, and toilet have water, which you would never drink from. A bathtub has a curtain and you take a shower to get clean.” We were pretty sure it was the bathtub. When we checked the bathtub, we saw a perfectly dry note hanging on the blue shower curtain.

    The note read, “I am awake when you are asleep. You use me everyday, but you don’t realize it. I carry your weight when you are the laziest. Go find me.”

    Tommy started, “There are two places where this note is leading us to. It is either the sofa or the bed.” We already checked the sofa before, so it had to be the bed. I decided to check my room first and there it was, a black note on my black blanket. I could hardly see it!

    The note said, “Go text 73AG9DZR to 666-349-7289.”

    At least this is simple, I told myself. When I texted the number on my phone, someone replied back immediately.

    “Congratulations, John, you have been selected for the Central Intelligence Agency” the text said.

    “And, my dear, that is how I became a part of CIA back in those days,” I told my grandson. “I also learned a valuable lesson that day, and that was, with great risk comes great reward! Now go do your best, be a hero, and serve your country well.” I told Daniel, my eldest grandson, as he left for his first CIA mission.

Instruction and learning objective:

“A stranger knocks at the door in the middle of the night.” Taking cues from this prompt, students were asked to write a short story on “thriller” genre. The main purpose of this lesson was to see how they would put together clues to solve a problem or prevent a crime.



Anurag Sarkar - 8th grade

Anurag has a creative mind, likes trying new lessons, and uses class time constructively. One of his best qualities is his ability to think outside the box and experiment with complex ideas and thought processes. Because of clear thinking, focus, and concentration, he shows improvement in every class.