An Eggstravaganza of A Mystery

     It was a tedious Friday filled with frustration and all I wanted to do was relax at my favorite restaurant – Touch Nine. It was an Indian restaurant and I ordered my favorite egg biryani. At the bottom of this scrumptious dish, was one of the eight natural wonders of the world, according to me – an egg.  Oh, the delights of eating an egg; I feel like I am on the pinnacle of peace! Today, since I was as hungry as a primitive caveman with no food, I ordered for an extra large egg. Once the server set my food on the table, I savored every grain of rice. As I was finishing the last bite of my biryani, I saw an egg shimmering like gold at the bottom of my plate. I blinked my eyes, but it was still shiny and glittery. What was this egg about? Was the gold my imagination? What mystery did it hold? I decided to crack it at home (pun intended).

     As soon as I arrived at my detective’s cave, also known as my room, I placed the egg on my desk. Then I ferociously bit it. However not even one slight detail was left to give proof that I chomped it. Next, I tried throwing it like a baseball against the wall. That did not help but instead caused trouble. With no patience, I stormed up to the attic and pulled out the hammer. I threw it with all my force and I heard a crack. To my disappointment, it was the desk that had to bear my wrath! Exasperated, I left to go watch a movie.

  The next day as I rose and saw the sun on my desk, I was astonished. I woke up and wiped my eyes to see if it was real, but realized it was that ludicrous egg from the day before. Infuriated, I ran to smash the egg, but heard a crack even before I had a chance to touch it. Perplexed, I examined it. A small crack was on the egg. As the egg split into half, I closed my eyes. After a while, I opened my eyes and saw nothing. With an atrocious start to a Saturday, I dragged myself to the restroom.

     I think I have officially gone crazy. First, I see a golden egg in my biryani. Then, no matter what I do it won’t crack. Now, I am hearing voices. I think I am starting to lose my senses. I am seriously thinking of visiting a psychiatrist! The voices I hear keep saying something like “Help me!” I am not sure though because it is very faint. For some reason, I kept on looking at the egg. After a few minutes, I thought I saw a small human. I went forward and looked again. This time I concentrated really hard and to my surprise, it was a tiny human! I ran to fetch the microphone from my brother’s karaoke set. I placed it next to him. My heart started pounding as he walked to the microphone. “Hi. My name is Disneyan. I come from the land of magnificence, where everything is advanced from apples to zebras.” Since I am a techie person, I really wanted to see this world. First I needed to ask who this guy was, right? “Who are you?” “ I have already told you haven’t I child? I am Disneyan.” “No, no…” I said. “What are you?” “That’s a mystery for you child, am I not right?” Okay… this elf or whatever it was is really smart. With no other choice and out of burning curiosity, I asked him “Can you take me to your world?” “Sure, hold my hand first.” Disneyan replied.

     Disneyan said it easily but it was the biggest strife ever. Every time I tried to touch Disneyan’s hand, I either squeezed his head or his chest. After several attempts, I took a deep breath and took my magnifying glass to see his hand. As soon as I held his hand, lights flashed in front of my eyes. I looked around and all I could see was light, then suddenly it became dark. I thought I went blind and screamed to be let out of this infinity of darkness. Then suddenly the black traveled on the color spectrum and slowly degraded to blue. I was blue as far as I could see. Then, I looked down and saw buildings the size of my arm. However, these buildings were much more technologically advanced. They had doors that needed a thumbprint to operate and portals that had the same mission as an elevator. As I walked to pet these buildings, I heard people screaming. It was Disneyan’s kind. All of a sudden, my instinct kicked in and told me not to stay here. Nervous, “How can I get out of this world?” I asked Disneyan. “You want to get out that quickly? Fine. Come with me!” he replied angrily. We walked in the opposite direction of those screaming people until we reached a building much taller than the one from before. Infact, it was bigger than me. There were doors taller than me too. I was suspicious because the building seemed like it was designed for humans like me. We walked through the doors and inside was a huge machine. It was probably was the instrument that would take me back home. There were also a lot of golden eggs around the machine. Maybe it was the breeding room. Next, Disneyan instructed me to stand still. “Bye, Disneyan!” I said with a bit of guilt. “Okay! See you my friend…” and then he pressed a button. “In a smaller size!” he said while he cackled. My adrenaline kicked in and I tried to run, but it was too late. I was strapped to the floor with gargantuan buckles. Disneyan pressed another button and this time electricity jolted me. I tried to avoid, but it had already hit me. Panicked, I pinched myself to see if I was alive. Surprisingly, nothing happened. However, it was probably too late to judge that. I was rapidly decreasing in size until I became the size of Disneyan.  A golden covering started to encase me but as usual, I couldn’t budge. As this happened, Disneyan said “And to answer your question, I am a micro human.” I shed a tear as me for the last time. In the next chapter of my life, I was reincarnated as a golden egg.

Instruction and learning objective:

Prompt: You have received a mysterious package. Inside is a very unusual egg.  Write a story about what happens next. What does the egg look like? Does the egg hatch? What is inside it? 

Objective: “The Magic Egg” was a part of peer critiquing exercise. Students were required to write a short story and submit the rough draft to be analyzed, assessed, and improvised by another student of similar grade. The bigger plan was to gain editing skills and also learn a thing or two from their classmates.



Roopesh Dinakaran - 9th grade

Roopesh has a curious and creative mind, and is passionate about writing. He has an impressive vocabulary and always tries to incorporate them in his writing. A keen learner, he is always deeply (and happily) engrossed, right from planning to execution stage. Roopesh is a fine performer and consistently delivers high-quality work.