Happiness is a choice

     “Happiness is a choice,” is a very famous quote made by Abraham Lincoln. Choices are important in everybody’s life, so it is vital that we make happy choices. Every person has a different view of happiness, but people have personal ways to be happy. Thinking positively, and doing your favorite things are ways to accomplish being happy.

     Thinking  positively is an effective way to to be happy when feeling sad. For example if someone is sad because they got a bad grade, they should look at it a different way. Instead of thinking of it as “I GOT A BAD GRADE, MY GRADE IS GOING TO DROP!” people should look at this situation as a learning experience. They should think of this as a way to learn from their mistakes. If they do this, they will surely be happier when thinking about the bad grade. This is just one ways of how being optimistic is an effective way to become more joyful.

     Another way to become cheerful is to do what makes you happy. If somebody is doing something that they despise, then it will be nearly impossible for them to be happy. When you are bored of something, per say work, then you should take a day off. One time, my friend was sick and tired of school, so we played her favorite game at recess, and after school we went to get fro-yo. She felt so much better after this. Doing simple things that make you happy is a great way to stay positive.

     It’s easy to be happy if you are optimistic, and do things that make you happy. NO matter how you are feeling, these things will make you happier in life. Abraham Lincoln had a good point when he said “happiness is a choice. “ Doing these things will make happiness a definite choice.

Instruction and learning objective:
The topic was, “Explain how we can be happy in our everyday lives.” Students were asked to write an expository essay, with the purpose to inform by presenting reasons and explanations. Also, keeping in mind the three main components of the essay: the main idea, supporting details, and a conclusion.




Avni Dharanipathi - 9th grade

Avni is enthusiastic about participating in class discussions and articulates her thoughts well. Her mind is chockablock with ideas, and because of which she often tends to wander away…away from the main plot. She has a good repository of vocabulary and is keen on expanding it further.