Even a square of chocolate is happiness!

    Don’t forget to take time to enjoy the simple things. Happiness does not have to be a diamond, it could be a little thing like a square of chocolate. After all, everyone deserves to be happy. Whether it is cooking a meal or achieving a goal, happiness is a basic human right.
    First of all, food brings everyone together and makes them happy. Cooking is known for relieving stress and leaving people in an exuberant mood. Whenever food is shared, new friendships are made, making everyone gleeful. Just the process of cooking, presenting, or eating a meal can give so much satisfaction. Food might be a simple thing, but it definitely has a positive impact on the world.
    Additionally, even accomplishing a task can elevate one’s mood. Procrastination can be a disappointing quality. When we are productive, there is not only creativity, but also innovation. At the end of the day, even reading a few chapters of our favorite books can please us. It is surprisingly to see that even achieving a small goal can bring both tranquility and joy to the world!
    To summarize, everyone should be happy, no matter what the circumstances. Happiness is hidden in the little things, whether it is cooking or completing a task, sometimes only small things can put a big smile on our faces. Happiness is the key to a bright future and to bring prosperity to the world. Never forget to cherish even the meaningless things, you never know the positive impact they have on you!

Instruction and learning objective:
The topic was, “Explain how we can be happy in our everyday lives.” Students were asked to write an expository essay, with the purpose to inform by presenting reasons and explanations. Also, keeping in mind the three main components of the essay: the main idea, supporting details, and a conclusion.




Darshita Rakam – 11th grade

Darshita is hardworking, dedicated, and best of all, self-motived. Her sincerity towards her work is commendable. She always ruminates on her assigned task, and then uses a combination of intense thinking and writing to compose her stories, essays, and poems. Her handwriting is a joy to read!