out of the Womb

facIng many challenges

Nasty weather giving me the chills

Talking gibbersh, oh lord, fix these human beings

Eager to go back inside my mother

Resting in peace won’t go with the world and me

Instruction and learning objective:

This lesson was a part of Winter-themed months of January and February. Students were asked to write an acrostic poem on WINTER. Choose a theme and sprinkle its elements throughout. The objective of this exercise was to analyze and apply the various elements of poetry, such as genre, imagery, figures of speech, symbolism, theme, etc.



Harini Senthilkumar – 7th grade

Harini is an excellent writer and a deep thinker. Though a 7th grader, she uses complex thinking processes and sophisticated concepts in her stories. A notch or two higher than her grade level, she has a lot of ideas swimming in the ocean of her mind.