What makes me Unique!

  Everybody around me always tries to fit in, but I am like a rose amongst a field of daisies. If you are an actor, can dislocate three body parts, and can admit to being honest, why fit in?

   First, I am an artist. For example, have you met any other teen who has performed eleven shows in the span of four years? I also have been singing and playing the piano for nine years. I earn college credits for performing, and even traveled to the United Kingdom alone, just to act. I would say I have a very overwhelming persona, and have yet to meet another performer. 

    Next, I have weird limbs. Who else can dislocate their body parts at will, turn their elbows three hundred sixty degrees, and tumble around like a monkey? For instance, I can remove my shoulder from its socket and snap it back into place. In addition, I can crack more joints than most; my jaw, neck, back, knees, toes, fingers, knuckles, and elbows are super flexible! My elbows also stick out in a curve, like the wings of the Sydney Opera House; when I put my weight on my elbows, they rotate three hundred sixty degrees. I can tumble, do the splits, and have been flown in the air atop a human pyramid! I have even been compared to an alien with my peculiar physique.

    Lastly, I can sometimes be too honest, it is like my mouth doesn’t have a filter. Once, we were auditioning, and my friend Finley was singing the ‘Star Spangled Banner’, throughout the course of the song, I thought my ears would bleed! I yelled out, “STOP!” Finley burst into tears, but eventually ended up laughing. Even though it might not be a positive quality all the time, being honest makes me. . . me!

    Why should a rose hide away when it’s meant to blossom? Everyone has some sort of unique quality, so why do people hide it? Get up and be the best person you can be. Bloom and spread your fragrance!

Instruction and learning objective:

Instruction: What character traits will make you a better person? Select six character traits from the list below and write a 5-paragraph expository essay using those traits.

Learning objective: The goal was to help students understand how to present the main thought in a clear manner using examples and explanations. Also, keeping the focus on writing a strong introduction, followed by supporting details, and ending with a solid conclusion.



Darshita Rakam – 11th grade

Darshita is hardworking, dedicated, and best of all, self-motived. Her sincerity towards her work is commendable. She always ruminates on her assigned task, and then uses a combination of intense thinking and writing to compose her stories, essays, and poems. Her handwriting is a joy to read!