Rut of Summer

I woke up in the morning so fast as if someone gave me a cue to do so. I was so vexed and overflowing with ire. I walked out to see the same rut of wee ivy on the wall  trying to be sly. I heard my mother shout my name. I knew it was breakfast. As soon as I came, I saw my little sister hiding because she’s a coy girl. She was coy due to the fact that she makes a lot of errs, as if she was born apt for it. After breakfast I continued my deep slumber.

Instruction and learning objective:

There was a twist in this month’s vocabulary class. Students were provided a list of 10 “three-letter” big words: apt, ire, wee, vex, err, coy, cue, sly, rut and ivy. After learning the meaning, they were asked to write a paragraph using all of these words. This lesson compelled students to step outside their comfort zone and incorporate advanced words, beyond their grade levels.



Pranav Saranga - 8th grade

Pranav is a confident and positive person, and has clarity of thought. Additionally, he is able to take directions well and instantly apply them to his writing skills. He is rapidly developing a fine vocabulary; not only he grasps new words readily, he is also able to apply them to his work.