Summer Glory

I looked at the famished plants craving water. What also caught my attention was the enchanted sky dawdling to turn night once more. I made amendments with the devious sun not to burn me because that would be a catastrophe. Alas! the sky is no longer blue but black, and nothing but intimidating. However, the light shall rise once more. But never shall the same day occur again.

Instruction and learning objective:

This was a homework assignment. Students were asked to write a small paragraph describing a summer day and also incorporate words from June’s vocabulary class. 

Words of the month were:
Famished, amendment, intimidate, devious, enchanted, catastrophe, and dawdle.



Pranav Saranga - 8th grade

Pranav is a confident and positive person, and has clarity of thought. Additionally, he is able to take directions well and instantly apply them to his writing skills. He is rapidly developing a fine vocabulary; not only he grasps new words readily, he is also able to apply them to his work.