Badhri’s Quote

“The hue of the sky is black, kins are acting like foes vying for resources, and the general mood is woeful. The governments are toying around with the world and humanity is lagging behind innocent animals. If someone wanted to revolt for a zen-like world, they would be silenced by an oar by government loyalists.” That is a quote from Badhri Hari. It is awe-inspiring and warns the irked governments for eons to come. It basically tells them that “Hey, you can opt to improve stability without making much ado about small stuff.” 


Instruction and learning objective:

This was a part of October’s “Three-little big words” vocabulary lesson where students were asked to write a small paragraph using the words learned in the class.

Words of the month were:
Hue, kin, foe, woe, toy, lag, zen, awe, oar, ado, irk, eon, vie,  and opt.



Badhri Hari - 9th grade

Badhri is a focused, dedicated, and self-motivated young boy. Listening to feedback and incorporating suggestions is one of his biggest assets. Not only he follows instructions well, he is also an enthusiastic learner. What's more, his handwriting is a joy to read!