2019 PENtastic Writing Contest

There was a writing contest last week at TheWriteSeed where students had to write a genre-specific story and also include all the six items listed below. Each item could be a major part of the story or a minor detail­­—as long as it appeared somewhere. The elementary students had to make the story about a brother and sister who finds a red diary in the attic. No story prompt was given to the middle schoolers.

Elementary: A paintbrush, a train, a sunrise, a guitar, a rainbow, and a mirror. 
Middle school: A red rose, a sunrise, an old key, a bicycle, a thick coat, and a mailman.

Participating in this contest was in itself a brave endeavor and for sure a huge accomplishment for all the students. There were many entries, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading the creations of these young minds. However, there were two students whose stories were a cut above the rest, and hence were clear winners. Not only the narrative adhered to the adventure/thriller genre, but also the command of the language and sheer imagination were truly commendable. Moreover, there were little to no spelling and grammar mistakes in these two stories.

The WINNER of “2019 PENtastic: A writing contest for elementary” is…

Just because of a diary by Aditi Ahuja (4th grade)

The WINNER of “2019 PENtastic: A writing contest for middle school” is…

Survive the night by Darshita Rakam (8th grade)

There were some other great ones, and here are a few worth mentioning:
Soulful Secrets by Harini Senthilkumar (4th grade)
The adventure inside a diary by Anila Krishnan (4th grade)
The Massacre by Pranav Saranga (6th grade)
Detective Bob by Abhiram Kanamariapudi (7th grade)

Congratulations to Aditi and Darshita, and thank you to everyone who entered this writing contest, designed to shine a light on the art of storytelling.

P.S. Click on the story titles to read the winning entries.