Detective Bob

    It was a dim sunrise on a stormy day. Detective Bob was on an interesting case. A young man had disappeared or been murdered. The only clue was a red rose. He immediately got to work and started gathering data of all the people in that area. Later in the evening, one of his co-workers said, “Let’s call it a day!” But, Bob was determined to find the crook as fast as he could. The next day, the police closed the case because they found the dead body of the missing person. Bob was very sad that he couldn’t find the murderer.
    20 years later, Bob was at the same crime scene. Now, he worked for the same family who had lost their son. One day, while he was working on the case and looking around, he found an old key, which looked like it could open a door. He looked around even more and then he found a wooden door. It opened with the key. But, when he went inside, all he found was a thick coat, which was worth a fortune. Bob found more stuff related to the crime scene such as a knife, gun, and a mace. When he went outside, he found a shady looking person running. He had a knife and a red rose, which was the only clue to the murderer. When the man saw Bob, he starting marching at him. Detective Bob spotted a mailman’s bicycle, and without thinking further, he just took off, going in full speed toward the police station. He wanted to lead him there, so that the SWAT team could deal with him. But, the murderer knew better and he just stay put and waited quietly. Bob realized he had a pistol and handcuffs, so he successfully arrested him.
    His real name was Murd. The SWAT team interrogated Murd and they found out he had murdered 60 people. Detective Bob never gives up!



Abhiram Kanamariapudi – 9th grade

Abhiram has a unique imagination, contributes effectively in group discussions, and often writes about super heroes and cars. His approach is unique and his ideas are offbeat—always welcome in creative writing.