The adventure inside a diary

    In downtown Dallas, there lived a brother named Mike and a sister named Julia. “Come on, we have to clean the attic,” Julia screamed to Mike. The siblings raced each other to the attic. While they were cleaning, they found many items, a bracelet, an old shoe, and even a pillow. “Julia, come here, I found a cool mirror,” Mike hollered. As Julia rushed over, she tripped over a small red diary. “Help!” I’m getting sucked into this diary,” Julia screamed. Mike looked for the diary, and when he found it, he started to read it, “If you get sucked in, there is only one way to get out. You need to find a paintbrush, train, guitar, and rainbow snout.” Mike read out loud. He first wrote all of the items on a paper. Afterwards, he jumped on top of the diary, so he could get sucked in.

    When he was inside the diary, he found his frightened sister near a stream. Mike explained everything to Julia, so she knew what to do. They started to walk randomly, not to mention they didn’t know anything about his place. “First, we need a paintbrush,” Mike said. They walked up to a point where they were standing in front of a waterfall. “I fee a lump in my pocket,” Julia said. She pulled out binoculars. “Oh! This is from when I was playing spy,” she told her brother. “I see a pallet with a paintbrush and a guitar on a tree,” she exclaimed. “Well, how are we going to get down there?” Mike asked. “Like this,” Julia said as she jumped into the waterfall. “Whee!” she said. Without thinking, Mike joined her.  When they reached the bottom, they were soaked in water. They plucked the paintbrush, it was filled with rainbow colors. Then, they took the guitar, which had a painted sunrise on it. On the other side of the waterfall, there was a toy train. “Hooray,” now we have to swim again.” Mike complained. They swam to the other side with their stuff and grabbed the train, “Now, how are we going to find a rainbow snout?” Julia asked. “We don’t need to,” Mike said laughing as he pointed to a rainbow pig. Right that instance, everything around them went blurry.

    The siblings closed their eyes and when they opened, they were home. They rushed out of the attic, knowing they would never clean it again.



Anila Krishnan - 7th grade

Shy by nature, this little girl has made steady progress in writing, and that too, in just a short span of time. Anila continues to work hard—both in class and home assignments— and demonstrates a desire to better her craft. She is a strong force to watch out for in future days!