Cloudy California by Aditi Ahuja

    Mike opened the car’s window and gazed at the scenery passing by him. They were driving through a grassy field in California. A warm breeze danced around as a girl in a flowery dress blew rainbow bubbles, and a small boy raced his friend on a scooter. Adults were having a cookout, and dogs rolled in the grass. Cumulus clouds hung in the sky, bobbing slowly along.

    Suddenly, the clouds shifted into gray stratus clouds. Families ran into their houses. Lighting furiously flashed, thunder boomed, and the breeze transformed into whirlwinds. Mike blocked the rain from his eyes and shut the window. The greenery around him turned into brown mud, and pink flowers were destroyed. A tree knocked down onto the road, blocking the path. “It seems we will have to stay here for a while,” Mike’s mother concluded. The little boy sighed. He wished the flowers would bloom, the children would play, and the sun would dwell in the sky.

    In the blink of an eye, the skies turned bluebell blue, and the grass turned a dewy green. The stratus clouds disappeared and were abruptly replaced by cirrus clouds. The smell of roses entwined with the smell of the grimy ocean. Everyone cheered and walked out of their homes. A few workmen pushed the tree off the road and let them pass. Mike watched little girls and boys run around laughing and playing tag. The day was perfect.
Story prompt:
Mike was enjoying his ride in a beautiful city in California. Along the way, he encountered three types of weather conditions. It was sunny at first, then came the dark clouds, and then magically, it was sunny again. 

Write a three-paragraph “descriptive” story about Mike’s amazing journey with cumulus, stratus, and cirrus. Remember to capture the mood and feel of the clouds as you transition from one paragraph to the next. Make sure the content is creative, fun, and imaginative by adding lots of details and descriptions along with cloud vocabulary and figurative language.



Aditi Ahuja - 7th grade

Aditi has lively and vivid imagination, weaving tales with such intricate details and finesse that it's almost impossible not to get lost in her world. Her vocabulary is strong, and so is the command of English language. As much as she enjoys building fiction stories, she simply detests writing formal essays!