Cloudywood by Harini Senthilkumar

    Mike, a 4-year-old boy, went on the luxurious highway to Los Angeles to see Hollywood, “actor ville” he liked to call it . During his drive, he saw two vanilla cotton candy flavored clouds. The clouds were as fleecy as a coat made from a sheep’s wool. The cumulus clouds also appeared as bubbly as his great grandma Susan, and looked so courteous like petite angels Additionally, the sun shone and made his positivity level go to its maximum. Mike assumed that the day would not get any better.

    However, he was so wrong, and quickly he figured out that his guess had gone terribly bad. Within a few seconds, the bright sunny weather turned dull and droopy. The clouds were as dark as his neighbor’s cat that murdered his frisky Rottweiler. Mike was so inconsolable that he shed tears, just like the moment of aunt Lucille’s funeral. The feeling of the sun dying was so depressing. “This horror story is never going to end,” Mike pondered. 

    “We are about to arrive,” his mother said to comfort Mike. Actually, Mike didn’t need his mom to change his mood. They were wispy cirrus clouds that hyped him up and tickle his nose like a pigeon’s feather. Those wavy clouds were as fair as the bright moon. In fact, the cirrus clouds didn’t need any curling iron, they had such natural curls! “WE ARRIVED,” Mike exclaimed! He finally got to see Hollywood, the acting capital.

Story prompt:
Mike was enjoying his ride in a beautiful city in California. Along the way, he encountered three types of weather conditions. It was sunny at first, then came the dark clouds, and then magically, it was sunny again. 

Write a three paragraph “descriptive” story about Mike’s amazing journey with cumulus, stratus, and cirrus. Remember to capture the mood and feel of the clouds as you transition from one paragraph to the next. Make sure the content is creative, fun, and imaginative. Add lots of details and descriptions along with cloud vocabulary and figurative language.



Harini Senthilkumar – 7th grade

Harini is an excellent writer and a deep thinker. Though a 7th grader, she uses complex thinking processes and sophisticated concepts in her stories. A notch or two higher than her grade level, she has a lot of ideas swimming in the ocean of her mind.