Sun is not yellow – By Avni Singh

This is what would happen if I woke up one day

And the sun was a shade of light blue

Oh what things people would say

Is it true? Is it true? 

When I am getting dressed 

I wouldn’t be able to tell 

Which dress is soft silk 

And which dress is scratchy and makes me swell

When I am out in the garden   

Watering the flowers

I notice that the roses are purple

I could stare at them for an hour

How it’s made would make my insides gurgle 

I couldn’t tell a rose from a violet 

When I go back inside 

To get a drink

I grab a glass 

and fill it up to the brink

Before I take a sip I grow quite pale

For this is not lemonade

It is a smoothie made out of kale

And this is what would happen

My dear fellow 

If the sun was another color 

besides yellow.


Imagine a day when the sun has a different color. How would the sun look if it was not yellow? What would the sky and the surroundings look like? Would the temperature change? What would trees and flowers look like with the change of the color? Write in about 8 – 10 sentences (or more). 

Imagine. Be creative. Have fun! 



Avni Singh – 5th grade

Avni is a motivated and enthusiastic girl. She is a little bundle of talent—her use of descriptive language, vocabulary, and thinking ability is par excellence. She is working above her current grade level within her writing skills.