A day without weather – By Pranav Saranga

A day with no weather is like ice cream but only the cone. Where  day is all black, the world is cold without light, and the night freezes the  world with nothing in sight. The sky looks like an endless abyss without  even a single star visible. Without the sun’s grace, plants wither away making the entire food chain collapse. People can see nothing and without anything to eat, the entire human race perishes. The earth turns cold without the sun, spins out of the orbit colliding with other planets making space dust, and with all the space dust coming closer and becoming more dense over many millennia and ultimately forming  a bright burning newborn star. Over more time, life becomes reborn with many new life forms with traits foreign to us that some maybe are impossible to describe. It’s because life always finds a way.


What if there was no sun, snow, or rain for a day? What would the day look like? Describe a ‘no weather’ day in about 8 – 10 sentences (or more). How does it feel? What does the sky look like? Is it bright or dark outside? What kind of clothes would people wear on a day like this? 

Imagine. Be creative. Have fun!



Pranav Saranga - 8th grade

Pranav is a confident and positive person, and has clarity of thought. Additionally, he is able to take directions well and instantly apply them to his writing skills. He is rapidly developing a fine vocabulary; not only he grasps new words readily, he is also able to apply them to his work.