Curious Clouds by Divyanshu Somasekhar

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Describe the cloud: When cumulus clouds appear in the broad daylight, you know that the birds are chirping, parks are filled with as many people as a theater, and it’s a perfect time for starting a garden. Their puffiness, like the wool of a sheep, make for a perfect background to take a splendid picture. However, when not showing off their beauty, they act like planets. Cumulus are indeed unique and different from the rest.  
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Describe the cloud: When the sun is radiating off all its glamour, cirrus clouds appear out of nowhere. In Texas, this is the most apparent cloud and sings on its high golden throne in the troposphere. It is thin as paper and dreamy as poetry. Its intricate design acts as if it were weaved together by Athena. It’s a shame this cloud presents itself in such horrid weather.
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Describe the cloud: This is the cousin of the cumulus cloud, the cumulonimbus. It is like a baby; when it is at its cranky self, it sheds colossal tears and unleashes its anger in lightning. After it gets in a better mood, it dresses itself into a cumulus cloud. Soon, it elopes from the area as if it never happened, and the people below pray that it will never appear again. The cumulonimbus is a peril that triggers uncertainty and misery, and we all hope that it never appears again.
Instructions: As a part of descriptive writing class, students were asked to describe three clouds using “facts” and “imagination” by ensuring that the language is creative and fun. Incorporating cloud vocabulary and cloud idioms and metaphors like I’m on cloud nine, my mind is dense like the clouds, etc. was encouraged.



Divyanshu Somasekhar - 8th grade

Adorned with a beautiful cursive writing, Divyanshu is an enthusiastic learner. Not only is he eager to learn new lessons, he also makes sure he uses his class time constructively. He has a great vocabulary bank, and combined with his commitment to doing his best, this young writer continues to make steady progress in all areas of writing.