Solar Panels: A Critical Cause

    While electric and global warming issues have been invested by governments and major companies, no funding has happened to solar panels. Even though the cost of solar panels are really low,  the only government that seems to be interested in them is the United Emirates.

    To start with, though solar panels are expensive, they are a one time investment. For instance, people using them won't have to pay any electricity bills. Also, it helps to control air pollution. Most factories make electricity by heating water with coal. Therefore, it causes pollution. However, solar panels get their energy from the sun,  causing them not to pollute the environment.

    Secondly, the only country to use solar panels to their advantage in the U.A.E (United Arab Emirates). They have been funding a city called Masdar city that is still in production, where they use all of its energy from solar panels and wind turbines. Since UAE is full of desert and sun, solar panels are a reliable source. However, other countries are very slow to use solar panels, and the market has just begun to get big outside the middle east countries.

    In conclusion, solar panels are a reliable source of energy. They take a step forward in helping stop air pollution, and are getting cheaper too. However, most countries invest more money in electric and global warming, and do not think about funding for solar panels. Hopefully, in the near future, the solar panel market will get big.


In your opinion, what global problem or issue deserves more attention than it currently receives? Why should we invest more time and money in this cause?



Divyanshu Somasekhar - 8th grade

Adorned with a beautiful cursive writing, Divyanshu is an enthusiastic learner. Not only is he eager to learn new lessons, he also makes sure he uses his class time constructively. He has a great vocabulary bank, and combined with his commitment to doing his best, this young writer continues to make steady progress in all areas of writing.