Spooktacular Crime

     It was a week before Halloween, and thanks to Mayor Taylor, the celebration had already begun at Lake Heights! Ten-year-old Ava Marivan and Chloe Shannon were excited. There would be a humongous banquet in Main Street at 9 p.m. tomorrow. People might feel feeble after their work, but everyone would still come, and that was for sure. 
     When the amazing day finally came, there were fancy portable chairs here and there and a lot of spooky decor. Suddenly, a farmer rushed through the door and yelled, “Help! My land looks barren!” “Someone took my numerous vegetables!” he further said in his cowboy voice, pointing his finger to everyone. Since Ava and Chloe were the second best (Chloe’s dad is a private investigator) detectives, they decided to work on the case with their clue book. They first looked for clues when they reached the farm. There were tree logs, weeds, grains, twigs and a...clue! The clue was a map that led them to the green and leafy woods called Williams Woods with a tall mountain. Then, they went up the mountain and found an eerie thing. With curiosity, they went closer and found a scary house that almost looked like a haunted one. Through the broken window, they saw a person sleeping on a skeleton bed. He had a blue t-shirt saying "Help the Sea" with sea vampire squid pictures. They knocked on the door and he let them come in and when Chloe looked closer at his face, she saw vampire teeth. But, Chloe was glad when she saw it was made out of plastic. They asked him why and how he ended up in the mountain. He said in a husky voice, “Someone invited me for a trick or treat here, but he never came and I got trapped.” While Chloe talked to the guy, Ava decided to look around a graveyard he made in his front yard. She ignited a lantern to see things perfectly because the whole area was covered with fog. Ava found a trick or treat bag and farming supplies around a black and orange swing in the front porch. She wondered, "Why do you need farming things if you're going trick or treating?" Then, something popped in her head when she saw a hidden crate with a lot of vegetables. Ava gave a secret sign to make Chloe come towards her. When Chloe saw this, they knew they had proof. So, they asked the man and he said, “Now-a-days, a lot of people come trick or treating, so I made a haunted house, but I needed healthy food for the contest called Tricks with Candy, therefore, I went to his farm to get a few vegetables.” He apologized and gave all the vegetables back. 

     With victorious minds, they went back to Main Street and told the honest man’s story to the farmer. They invited the man to the banquet at Main Street where only a handful of people were left dancing. Mayor Taylor was in awe when she heard everything and then excitedly she said in a microphone, “Two beneficial young ladies named Ava and Chloe saved the farmer’s farm, so let’s welcome this honest man to the banquet of the Spooktacular event in Lake Heights!” Everyone came with joyful moods and delicious foods to share. “We solved another case! Hurray! This is going to be a spooky awesome day!” Ava said as she high-fived Chloe. Chloe said, “And the best one yet!” with a smile from ear to ear.


Write one paragraph (or more) using all the vocabulary words learned in class. Underline the words in your paragraph. You could describe something, or write a fiction or nonfiction story or anything else you like. 

Word list: Banquet, feeble, numerous, portable, barren, eerie, ignite, and beneficial.



Pooja Jayanth – 7th grade

Pooja works hard, listens to directions, and is enthusiastic about participating—in brainstorming sessions, vocabulary flashcards, and even homework assignments. Because she is motivated and interested in improving her skills, she makes a solid effort to avoid distractions and stay focused on the task at hand.