The Brainy Path

    The career you choose is the path of life you will stroll. I want to be a neurosurgeon because I would like to guide people with brain development problems, understand the brain, and be an ambassador for the people who can’t express their thoughts openly. 

    First, I want to be a neurosurgeon because I want to endorse people whose brains don’t function normally. For example, my sister has autism and she struggles in her day-to-day activities and I am great at helping her out. Another example is, I like to give a hand to people who are mentally disabled.   

    Next, I want to be a neurosurgeon because I would like to research the brain. For instance, I want to know what each part of the nervous system is used for. Additionally, I want to find a cure for down syndrome, autism, alzheimer, and other cerebrum diseases.

     Finally, I want to be an ambassador for people who can't share their thoughts freely. For example, many people with disoriented brains can’t express their emotions and I want to interpret their feelings to the public. Furthermore, people who have nervous system mishaps still have a place in our society and I want to emphasize this loud and clear.

    In conclusion, since the career I choose is the path of life I will follow, hence I must study and work intensely to obtain the life I would like to lead.


People do all kinds of jobs. Some people are in the medical profession. Others serve (army/navy/air force). Some teach. Others sell. Many work on computers and build softwares. What kind of job would you like to do in the future? 

Write an essay (5 paragraphs) giving three reasons to explain why you want to take up that job. 



Harini Senthilkumar – 7th grade

Harini is an excellent writer and a deep thinker. Though a 7th grader, she uses complex thinking processes and sophisticated concepts in her stories. A notch or two higher than her grade level, she has a lot of ideas swimming in the ocean of her mind.