A Performer’s Passion

     William Shakespeare rightly said, “All the world’s a stage.” The industry of performing arts contains a vast array of diverse career opportunities. Whether it is singing, dancing, acting, or playing an instrument, the possibilities are endless and the sky’s the limit. I would love to pursue an occupation in the arts because I feel that there is a lot of freedom I can take advantage of and because I have already fostered a love for performing through many positive experiences.        

     To begin with, many jobs do not have the freedom that a performer has the blessing of receiving. For example, since performance is such a big range, I have the choice of bouncing between different things that I love to do. I could decide to make it big in Hollywood, but at the same time, I could become a world-renowned pianist or a skilled dancer. Performing isn’t a profession that fits into a mold or has any restrictions; it can be interpreted in any way you wish. As a performer, I am bestowed with the creative freedom to do whatever my heart desires. Overall, performing arts gives me the liberty to always follow my heart and do what I am passionate about.    
     To add on, I have already harbored a love for the arts. For instance, I have been interested and invested in singing and playing the piano since I was four years old. As I grew up, my love for music has grown tremendously. In fact, I have even started learning a second instrument; the ukulele. Additionally, my passion for the arts has become bountiful ever since I discovered theatre arts in the fourth grade. Since then, I have been a part of an abundant dramas and musicals. Although I am not an adept dancer, it is still something I have grown to love. Performing has always been a part of my life; in fact, it is so prominent, it could even become a personality trait! Overall, I would make a fantastic performer because I have grown up with the art. It is something I cherish dearly, and I would enjoy doing it for the rest of my life.  

     In conclusion, I would make an excellent performer because it gives me the independence and flexibility to choose what I aspire to be and also because I have cultivated the art from a young age. One might say that performing will not pay bills, but I believe that if you love something, you will work hard for it; success always follows hard work. I may or may not live an affluent lifestyle, but I will always have the assurance that I enjoy what I do and I entertain people along the way. “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” (Unknown).


Write a 5-paragraph expository essay on “Explain why you are interested in a particular career.”



Darshita Rakam – 11th grade

Darshita is hardworking, dedicated, and best of all, self-motived. Her sincerity towards her work is commendable. She always ruminates on her assigned task, and then uses a combination of intense thinking and writing to compose her stories, essays, and poems. Her handwriting is a joy to read!