Doll Disaster

         2nd Place Winner of 2020 PENtastic Writing Contest.

        Present Day, New York
       It was a chilly All Hallows’ Eve when Melody Piper was at the front door coming in from a long night of trick or treating. She cluttered into the living room frightened, not by what she did see, but by what she didn’t. The living room couch was completely empty. An almost silent sing song voice came from behind Mel. I know you’re there.

       Two years ago, New York
       Ding Dong! Melody, the dirty-blond headed girl, about 12 years old, rushed down the front steps waiting eagerly for her best friend to arrive. Instead, on the porch sat a doll, with purple shadows under her eyes, ghostly pale skin, and hair as black as night, rocking back and forth. Mel grabbed the doll and shoved it in the attic, but the next day it was still lying on the living room couch. Angrily, she cramped the doll in the closet. However, each day she ended up with the same result, a creepy doll on her living room couch.

         Present Day, New York
        Slowly, Mel Piper spinned around to look at the person who was speaking. The sing song voice was that of a doll, a ghostly white-skinned porcelain doll. “I have waited far too long for this day. Finally, I will be set free, and you my child will be my replacement,” snarled the witch like doll. Melody did the only thing she could think of. She grabbed the little doll and threw it down on the floor. It shattered into a million pieces, and then out of nowhere, a ghost popped out of the broken doll. The ghost cackled, and in front of it, a massive tornado formed. The unique thing about the tornado was it could animate any non-living thing. The tornado wasn't normal; instead of sucking things in, it blew things away! The tornado roared, and in a second, Mel slid across the room, holding on to whatever large objects were in reach. “Foolish girl!” bellowed the ghost. ”You were supposed to step inside the animation tornado. I only have one chance to get this right or I will be trapped in a doll forever!”

        Six years earlier, Swiss Alps 
       “You have done enough harm in this world, Lola” said Juniper, the fairy godmother. “You should be punished and imprisoned.” She cast a spell, and turned Lola into a doll, with shadows under her eyes, ghostly pale skin, and hair as black as night. Lola, the fourteen-year-old fairy, was surprised by this sudden act. Juniper had given her plenty of warnings, but had never actually done something so drastic.

         Present Day, New York
       “I won’t let you do this,” Melody called out weakly to Lola. ”Dream all you want, child, but I will get out!” Suddenly, a bright flash of light burst around Mel. “Piper, you and your annoying little ancestors have ruined my whole life,” howled the ghost. ”My ancestors? What did they do?” Mel exclaimed. “Juniper, your pesky grandmother, cursed me to be trapped in this doll!” Lola shot back. Suddenly, Lola started melting, trapping Melody forever. Mel got turned into a doll, but she couldn’t live her life in peace until she knew the truth, the truth about her family. 

Story prompt:

You’ve put that doll in the cabinet, in the closet, in the attic, but no matter where you tuck it, it always shows back up on the sofa. On Halloween night, you come out to find it watching you.



Avni Singh – 5th grade

Avni is a motivated and enthusiastic girl. She is a little bundle of talent—her use of descriptive language, vocabulary, and thinking ability is par excellence. She is working above her current grade level within her writing skills.