The Wicked Shadow

         My parents went out of town, and I was home alone watching a classic horror movie on my century old T.V. using a VHS player, the one in which black and white screens flew along like a slideshow. I thought I heard light crunches from outside, but as I prepared for a jump scare, I brushed it off assuming it was from the horror movie. All of sudden, I heard the gates rattle, and then a snarl from a cat followed by silence. I was confused, so I went outside just to see if everything was alright, but little did I know that a figure would snuck past me and dive straight into the cellar.   

       Inside, I heard thuds on the concrete floored cellar. I was even more perplexed and decided I should probably just go sleep. As I was walking up my wooden stairs towards my bedroom, I heard little creaks follow me up the stairs. I didn’t look back because I assumed I was still paranoid from the series of horror movies that I watched from the day to night. I walked into my bedroom when I saw a dark figure, created out of dark bubbling goop, standing behind my bed and staring deep into my soul. I shut the door and booked it inside, but when I came out to the staircase, there stood the same figure from my room as if he had multiplied. They all stared at me in unison, and then all of a sudden, they attacked me. I felt as if they were stealing my soul from me. I was becoming breathless and so I ran into my brother's bedroom. But there also was the figure, laying at the feet of the bed. I dashed past it and jumped out the window. I zoomed into the nearby woods with the immense pain in my leg, but suddenly I stopped. I collapsed with a loud thud!

       There I laid, wondering if I were to die today, but my existential crisis was quickly put to a halt as pieces of the dark figure started assembling itself above me. Oddly, he seemed extra large, anything that I had ever seen before, but that was not what I was thinking about at the time. I kicked the figure on the leg, but I felt like my foot was caught in sludge and was struggling to escape the figure’s body. I eventually pulled my leg as the figure stood still, as calm as water. I got up and ran towards somewhere I could get the slightest rest. I saw a glimpse of a gate and a bench, and ran toward it. I dropped down on the wooden bench and laid there, my eyes staring at the sky. Slowly, daylight broke the dark skies above, and then everything stopped. I looked through every happy memory I could conjure as I felt my life force fade from my body in a blink. The sky turned pitch black and I saw the figure standing above me with his hand piercing my lungs and bursting a hole into my heart. I watched him while I was suffering in pain, and then I slept to never wake up again.

Story prompt:

It’s late at night, and you hear footsteps in the cellar. You thought you were alone at home, but guess what—you are not. 



Pranav Saranga - 8th grade

Pranav is a confident and positive person, and has clarity of thought. Additionally, he is able to take directions well and instantly apply them to his writing skills. He is rapidly developing a fine vocabulary; not only he grasps new words readily, he is also able to apply them to his work.