Delightful Divyanshu

        Do names really describe who you are? Your identity all described in one word? Is that really true? In my case, I strongly believe I live up to my name, which means limitless. Some people say my creativity is beyond charts. I also would like to say I have infinite talents, from painting to dancing. In addition, I have a personality that bounces off lots of positive energy.
       To start with, my creativity is as high as Mount Everest. I never actually thought of myself as a creative person until my friend made a remark about it. For example, I’ll provide you with a story. About six months ago, I had a brilliant idea, as one would say when they discover something brilliant. I learned how to modify my Xbox to connect to my P.C. At first, I realized that I don't have the tools, so I decided to use spoons, which managed to work. I ended feeling joyous that day, as if I had built up an empire. It’s a pity that I understood my full creative power much later. To wrap it up, I think I am a creative person in terms of problem solving, which actually could be my greatest trait.
        Another  reason why I live up to my name are my talents, which I may say vary tremendously. At one point of the day I could be sketching a picture, and at another, I could be at a karate tournament.
For instance, I am surprisingly great at art, despite being as lazy as a bear during the middle of December. I spent hundreds of hours on art, but it would only feel like a couple of minutes because I enjoy it so much. However, one thing I am not lazy at is physical exercise. For example, I usually go outside every day to play football with my friends, and I haven’t missed a single karate class in a couple of months, which proves I am not lazy. The reason I find this fun is because I treat it like a serious game. I even use a graph and award myself items for doing physical activity. My talents are derived from my hard work, and if somebody wants to be successful in life, they have to work for it, just like me.
        Finally, I would like to thank my positive energy, and it is one of the reasons why my name reflects who I am. For example, I have a positive personality, and I’ve noticed I got way happier during the beginning of this summer. I also spend way more time with my friends, often chatting or occasionally calling them. This pandemic exposed my fatal flaw, which is over confidence, and despite me still having that flaw, I am working on it. As I would like to specify, I remember how last year I used to gloat over my grades, but now I have been able to stay humble and stop myself from feeling bratty all the time. To summarize, I was happy before but not as happy as I am now. Now my happiness is more striking than the face of a cub.
        To conclude, I believe that my name perfectly describes who I am (my boundless creativity, talent, and positivity). I hope in the future, these traits would latch on to me like eels to whales. As for now, I respect my name.

Essay topic:

Does your name reflect who you are? Yes? No? State three reasons, and provide specific examples and details explaining why you think so.



Divyanshu Somasekhar - 8th grade

Adorned with a beautiful cursive writing, Divyanshu is an enthusiastic learner. Not only is he eager to learn new lessons, he also makes sure he uses his class time constructively. He has a great vocabulary bank, and combined with his commitment to doing his best, this young writer continues to make steady progress in all areas of writing.