I’m a Girl, not a Goddess!

        Have you ever wondered why you have your name? Sometimes, do you wish you could change it? Names sometimes don’t match people’s personalities, for example, my name means goddess of gods, which is an inaccurate description of me. I believe my name doesn’t reflect who I am because I’m not fierce, I’m not intimidating, and I don’t like power, for my mind is reserved for reading, writing, and art.
        For starters, I’m not very aggressive, since I don’t fight back when people fight me. One reason is, whenever I get into a fight, I simply ignore the people or walk away, since I don’t believe in violence. Another reason is, I only yell or scream when needed, like when people are fighting and unable to stop.
        Secondly, I’m not intimidating and I mainly focus on being quick, small, and sneaky, instead of standing tall over crowds. My first reason is, I prefer to hide and move around in the shadows, making it easy to go unnoticed when I want to be. My second reason is, I’m shy. Though I act strange or random so people back away, sadly this gets me noticed.
        Thirdly, I don’t like power, and I prefer to stay around nature, and take care of animals. Power doesn’t come naturally to me. A good example is, I like libraries, and spend most of my time reading and writing. Another good example is, I prefer to study extinct animals rather than use the power to bring them back from the dead, which would be unnatural, though a good wish.
        To wrap it up, have you always liked your name? Did you think that it matches your personality? If yes, then that can be a good thing, because sometimes you have to dig deeper to find your meaning. Durga, the goddess of all gods, cares for prosperity, and so do I. She does good deeds to save the wild, and so do I. Perhaps, we should all search in the deep end of our minds, and figure out what works for us.

Essay topic:

Does your name reflect who you are? Yes? No? State three reasons, and provide specific examples and details explaining why you think so.



Aditi Ahuja - 7th grade

Aditi has lively and vivid imagination, weaving tales with such intricate details and finesse that it's almost impossible not to get lost in her world. Her vocabulary is strong, and so is the command of English language. As much as she enjoys building fiction stories, she simply detests writing formal essays!