Pratishtha’s Personality Isn’t Pratishtha

       For most of your life you are going to be called a name, a name that could possibly not even be you. And yet what could be more you than the thing that was you from the moment you were born? However, my name, which means hopeful, established and steadfast, does not reflect my personality. I suppose this should be expected; my name was decided before even my personality developed. Sometimes, I wonder what my name would be if my parents and the rest of the world knew the real me. 
        To start with, my name does not reflect my personality because I am not always steadfast.
For instance, in many situations I have been known to give up easily or lose confidence when even a minor setback occurs. I know this is a harmful habit because I can learn a lot more if I persevere, but I still become downcast if something bad happens. An example of this is when I studied hard for a test. I was determined to get a good grade on that test and exerted myself to my fullest. However, after the test, I received a lesser grade than my desired goal on the test. As soon as I saw my test results, I immediately gave up and said there was nothing I could do. But now, years later, looking back at the incident, I wish I had handled it differently. Instead of giving up easily, I could have asked my teacher what I had done wrong and tried to learn from my mistakes. Next time, for the next test, I could have taken up the challenge and given my best effort. I truly wish I had because who knows how I could have done it the next time. If only I had given myself the opportunity, I could have found it out. This is a skill that I wish I had. This is why I believe that I am very different from the meaning of my name. My name means hopeful and optimistic, but I am not always this way. There are also other ways my name and I are different.
        Secondly, my personality also tends to clash with my name because while my name means established, I am not always stable. To be stable is a skill that many people strive towards, and I am no different. Stable to me means to be calm and steady even when situations change and environments get harder. When the lights are turned off, instead of turning on my brightest flashlight and counting forward, I hit the alarm button and go into full panic mode. Many times, looking back, I cringe at the choices I have made. At that time it seemed like the only option, but now I realize an obvious, better choice I could have made. For example, when I went biking one day, my wheel hit a rock and I flew over the handles. Surely, I would have been a fascinating sight as I hung suspended in midair for a moment. Then, with a loud resounding boom, I hit the hard ground. When my head stopped pounding, I realized that the ache in my leg was getting more painful. Immediately, my thoughts scattered as all my attention focused on the injury. A second later, I was a sobbing mess on the rough, gravely ground. Instead, I could have handled the situation differently. Instead of immediately panicking, I could have taken a deep breath and analyzed my situation properly. If only I had done it that day, I could have solved the problem much easier and got back on my feet. Because of this incident and many other similar ones, I feel that my name does not represent me well. To wrap it up, due to this incident and many other similar ones, I feel that my name does not represent me well.
        Thirdly, I think my name does not represent me well because I am not hopeful. Being hopeful is a skill I lack because I am not always optimistic in every situation. In many situations where I could have changed my thinking and continued to be confident, I did the exact opposite. A few years ago, when I signed up for a math competition, I wanted to do my best. For me that meant winning something in the top five places, but in the end, it turned out that I had not reached my goal. My first thought was to ask myself if I had not put in my best effort, but that could not have been farther from the truth, though I didn’t realize it at that time. I was angry at myself and also sad that I had let a rewarding opportunity slip away. However, today, I can realize my mistake. If only I had cheered myself up and instead focused on what I could do next time, I would have had a better chance the following year. Instead, I decided to brood on the result and in turn, it constricted me from bright future possibilities. Like this, there are many incidents where I have not lived up to the meaning of my name. Like the time I became downcast when it started raining on the day of my birthday party. I could have easily found another solution, but my initial reaction stopped me from doing so. Because of these reasons, I think that the part of my name that means hopeful does not match with my personality.
        As you can see, my name and I don’t always agree with each other. While my name means steadfast, established, and optimistic, I am none of those things when it comes to my personality. And yet, I think that it is okay. I think that my name still suits me because it is like a map that’s telling me where I want to go and who I want to be. I am not that person today, but in the future, I do want to be that person. I suppose you could say that I quite literally want to live up to my name. The idea also calls for some interesting sentences. Like, I am known for who I am, but I am also known for who I am not, and many people use what I am not to get the attention of who I am. I hope to be able to make sense of this one day when who I am not will be who I am.

Essay topic:

Does your name reflect who you are? Yes? No? State three reasons, and provide specific examples and details explaining why you think so.



Pratishtha Rao - 9th grade

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