True Feelings of My Name

         Aashritha means someone who gives shelter, but I am many things, and not just what my name tells, for I am a complicated person at heart. I can tell you this with confidence because I am bossy, selfish, and ungrateful.
        To begin with, I am bossy to people who do not follow my way. For example, when I play Mythical Legend with my friends, Thanya, Thanvi, and Shreyas, and when they don’t do things my way, I make them change the rules. Also, when I play Uno with my elder sister, Darshita, and if she wins, I tell her that I am the winner.  
        Secondly, I am selfish with my family and friends. For example, once when my sister got a skateboard that I always wanted, but I couldn't get it because it was $24, I started arguing with her about the skateboard. Additionally, when my neighbor got new hot pink, shiny skates, I then started to talk about it saying that I want them, but she refused to share, so I started being a little mean to her. 
        Third of all, I am ungrateful for anything anyone does for me. For instance, one morning when I came for breakfast, my mom, Ramya, was not awake, and suddenly my elder sister, Darshita, came and told me that she can put my bread and jam, but I said no with an attitude, but later I asked for breakfast and she told me that I should have accepted her offer. In addition to this, when I finished pouring my milk my mother asked me if she could put my milk in the microwave, but I said no with a little attitude, but five minutes later I asked her to help me, and then she scolded me saying that I should have listened to her.
        To wrap it up, now you know that my name means, and it is someone who gives shelter. However, now you also know that I am a complicated person, and I can be bossy, selfish, and ungrateful. I admit that I am all these things, but I think in the future I can change myself a bit.

Essay topic:

Does your name reflect who you are? Yes? No? State three reasons, and provide specific examples and details explaining why you think so.



Aashritha Rakam - 6th grade

Aashritha is a fun, lively, and an enthusiastic girl. Always excited about participating in class discussions and grabbing the lesson of the day. Her mind is full of interesting ideas, and she is gradually learning to transfer those ideas from her head into her writing.