A Winter Poem By Karthik Garapati

A strong blizzard pushed the large trash can
The rusty trusty shoveling none to be done
Snowball fights everywhere a little too fun
Bears hibernating and snoring in the day 
An excited kid in the ice skating rink having amusement
People snowboarding everywhere having so much entertainment
Take a break, drink some hot cocoa
People on the mountain wanting to ski
Building a snowman as great as the sky
No one ice fishing not at all pleasing
My friends and me sled down the huge hill
Our boots get covered in cold snow
Icicles hanging from our houses and trees
It is snowing, making the layers of snow thicker
Winter will soon end, so please make the snow hold back
I am freezing like a popsicle, so I better get inside.


Write a 16-line poem using one specific word in each line.
1st line - Blizzard, 2nd line - Shovel, 3rd line - Snowball, 4th line - Hibernation, 5th line - Skates
6th line - Snowboard, 7th line - Hot cocoa, 8th line - Ski, 9th line - Snowman, 10th line - Ice fishing
11th line - Sled, 12th line - Boots, 13th line - Icicle, 14th line - Snow, 15th line - Winter, 16th line - Freezing 



Karthik Garapati - 5th grade

Karthik is a polite and motivated boy, who follows instructions and demonstrate a willingness to learn. Due to his hard work and determination, he continues to improve his creative expression and his overall writing skills.