A Better World

 The night time is very dark
 An angry dog lets out a bark.
The old woman looks at the sky
I tell her hi, she tells me bye
My heart cracks into the smallest pieces
But a shooting star lets me make my wishes
I wish that the world would be a better place
Where a neighbor would help you tie your lace.

Select four pairs of words (or more) from the word bank to create a rhyming couplet that tells a story in the form of a poem. While your write, keep in mind that:

1. The couplet must be a complete thought or should tell the full story.
2. The couplet must have the same or similar number of syllables.



Pratyush Rao - 5th grade

A bright and polite boy, Pratyush is an ardent learner who enjoys working on any lesson, easy and challenging, that comes his way. Using class time wisely, he tackles his assignments with enthusiasm and completes them in the allocated time.