A Girl just like the Space

A wondrous girl just like a star 
She is quiet but her knowledge grows far. 
She dreams about a rocket with a blast 
Even though her head is wrapped in a cast. 
People wonder where she gets her space quotes
When she never touches her TV remote. 
A lot of girls do not like to study the sky 
For this girl though her curiosity is very high.

Select four pairs of words (or more) from the word bank to create a rhyming couplet that tells a story in the form of a poem. While your write, keep in mind that:

1. The couplet must be a complete thought or should tell the full story.
2. The couplet must have the same or similar number of syllables.



Aashritha Rakam - 6th grade

Aashritha is a fun, lively, and an enthusiastic girl. Always excited about participating in class discussions and grabbing the lesson of the day. Her mind is full of interesting ideas, and she is gradually learning to transfer those ideas from her head into her writing.