End of the rainbow by Anila Krishnan

“As I reached the end of the rainbow, I was shocked to discover that right next to a strawberry bramble, there was a unicorn with a cerulean blue horn, and it led me into this dank tunnel where there was a merman who wanted to be cottagecore, but had a rough life since he did necromancy. His name was Fred, at least, that was what the spoondrift said. Did I mention the tunnel was in the ocean?” “Deetya, enough with your excuses!” Mrs. Johnson stormed. She had not done research. She tried making excuses, but it hadn’t been working. She faked a humdudgeon and even said that her mom was a mumpsimus and that Deetya spent the whole weekend trying to convince her to be reasonable. Deetya was so desperate to make an excuse that she didn’t realize how unrealistic her stories were. “Just do your research paper, even if you didn’t research.” Mrs. Johnson further said, “Or read the book on your desk.” “The book jargogles me,” and then Deetya blurted out, “I guess I’ll just be a rawgabbit in my research paper,” Deetya sat down, and prayed she would get a good grade.
Story prompt:
As I reached the end of the rainbow, I was shocked to discover…

Students were asked to complete the story, but condense the story in one paragraph. They were also instructed to use all the March vocabulary words: bramble, cerulean, dank, necromancy, cottagecore, rawgabbit, mumpsimus, humdudgeon, jargogle, and spoondrift.



Anila Krishnan - 7th grade

Shy by nature, this little girl has made steady progress in writing, and that too, in just a short span of time. Anila continues to work hard—both in class and home assignments— and demonstrates a desire to better her craft. She is a strong force to watch out for in future days!