End of the rainbow by Sashwanth Prabhakar

I saw an enormous bramble bush at the end of the radiant rainbow that was shining like a star. Next to it, there was a charming well having the same color as the cerulean sky. When I peeked inside, I saw a spoondrift moving without any wind! I have been living a cottagecore life, and now it was time to get the treasure and live a special life. I was speaking like a rawgabbit, and I hoped there wasn't a dangerous adventure waiting for me. Slowly with fear, I crawled my feet inside the bush of luck (at least that’s what I thought) but the second I slipped my body inside, I saw a dank environment. I quickly tried to get out, but the exit was closed. It was like the bush was controlled by necromancy! Quickly, I took what I came for before darkness struck me. I hoped my mumpsimus of staying positive saved me from this biotic bush. When I went further inside, I heard a humdudgeon and I didn't know whether that sound came from. I was jarjogled when suddenly I saw a glowing light in the distance. It was a big treasure chest of gold! As soon as I found it, the exit opened up, and then I got to safety as soon as possible.
Story prompt:
As I reached the end of the rainbow, I was shocked to discover…

Students were asked to complete the story, but condense the story in one paragraph. They were also instructed to use all the March vocabulary words: bramble, cerulean, dank, necromancy, cottagecore, rawgabbit, mumpsimus, humdudgeon, jargogle, and spoondrift.



Sashwanth Prabhakar - 6th grade

Sashwanth exhibits a positive outlook and attitude in the classroom, and shows enthusiasm for learning new lessons. He takes an active role in class discussions and enjoys conversation with his classmates during free time.