Following a Woman’s Lead

          I strongly believe that a matriarchal society should exist because it will give women a lot more exposure to politics, encourage more women to go out and get a job, and matriarchal societies should blossom because then women can have their fair share in life. 
         To begin with, matriarchal societies should be more present in the world since it will give ladies more opportunity to work on legislative issues. For example, matriarchy can get more women to run for office, and we need this since young girls need role models to look up to. In line with a current girl scout institute examination, 37% of women wish to grow to be a politician, but they want mentors. So, it’s not that women don’t want to run for office. It’s that only 32% of society encourages ladies to be politicians, and 74% imagine that if they have been to enter politics, that they must work harder than a man to be taken seriously. 
         Secondly, matriarchal societies ought to survive since it promotes more girls to go and look for work. For instance, you will have an identity of your own. We all play many roles, of a mother, a daughter, and a friend, and many others. To others, these identities could be many things. However, it's important to have an identity of your own. You are an individual and getting a job can prove that. Having a woman leader would show girls like” yeah okay, she is a leader she isn’t just a daughter to someone or a wife but she is herself, and I can be too.” Also, in matriarchy, you will be financially independent, and instead of having to borrow money from someone, you will earn it. Making your own money will give you a feeling of achievement, letting you be a better person and a more independent human. 
         Lastly, the idea of matriarchal societies should be promoted so that we, women, can get what we deserve to get. I know that it has been one way for a long time, and I know that sometimes change can be bad and hard. However, if we didn’t change we would be lying in mud and dirt. We are humans, and we always look for ways to improve, that’s the whole reason we evolved. If God gave us enough brain to talk, we should use it. Women have been suffering for ages, but we are just as smart, nice, probably more cooperative. We make good and sane decisions, but what does gender change in that. Nothing. We fought for voting rights, we fought for equal rights, we fought for education, we fought for every right, but it was just handed to men. People think that if things change and we let women rule then men will be treated horribly, yet that is what can happened to girls. But, modern society can change that. What are we short of to be the president? What are we short of to be the highest? This is not equal rights, this is 30/70 rights! And it is not fair. 

         To conclude, women are capable human beings and they are so qualified to lead. The government is supposed to represent everyone, but they don’t, they represent just men. Nowadays, they have improved this a lot, yet but we can't have a woman leading a modern and advanced country like the USA? What should a woman be like if you think of her as a president? Nothing different than men, but the society is deciding things without giving an equal opportunity to women. If you don’t believe me then look at places like Great Britain, who came to their senses and were and is still successful with a woman in the form of leadership.
This was a part of the Women's Day week in which students had to write their opinion on: 

Should matriarchal society exist in the modern world? Should matriarchal be as common and acceptable as patriarchal? State three reasons, and provide specific examples and details supporting your claim. 



Avni Singh – 5th grade

Avni is a motivated and enthusiastic girl. She is a little bundle of talent—her use of descriptive language, vocabulary, and thinking ability is par excellence. She is working above her current grade level within her writing skills.