Matriarchy: A New Birth of Power

         Why shouldn't women be given an opportunity to lead the world? From aquatic animals to human beings, there are many matriarchal groups out there, and many have survived with the help of women power.

         To begin with, women will make sure that everyone has the same amount of freedom and that everyone is created equal, not just men. For instance, if a women president would have led the United States of America in the time of slavery, they would have abolished it right away because of how little freedom the slaves had, and they would understood how they felt. People from the south have treated slaves like their garbage, or as they call it, their property. Another reason is, many people, especially men, might think that if women led their community, their freedom would be gone, but women would make sure that all adults have a privilege to go anywhere, and allow children to run free in the wild.

        Second of all, women are more mature and can take more responsibility. For instance, women leaders that are mothers, will treat people like their children, meaning they will care about your safety, and anybody else’s safety in a high measure. Also, there are always new and interesting ideas coming from women’s brains, and those ideas make everyone think and wonder more. For example, there is Marie Curie (a scientist that helped discover x-rays), Florence Nightingale (who was a nurse that made modern nursing), Mother Teresa (who dedicated her life to the poor), J.K. Rowling (the author of the Harry Potter series), and many more dancers and musicians. Furthermore, women have a multitasking brain and have more patience, and while they make sure everything is neat and tidy, they might even sweep your worries away! 

         Last but not the least, they are the important people that many little girls look up to. For instance, lots of girls out there have to listen to what their parents want to do with their career. While there is nothing wrong with this, however, if there were other grown women who have followed a career that they enjoyed and loved, little girls will be encouraged by them to follow their dreams. Also, many girls are big fans of artists like singers, actors, and dancers, and want to be just like them because of one, their accomplishments, and two, how they had the passion of what they do. That is why it's important to have more women role models in this world.  

         In summary, during the rules of queens in history, many good things have happened, for example in England, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth, the golden age happened. It might be their luck, but I think it is also because of how powerful and committed to the people these great queens were.
This was a part of the Women's Day week in which students had to write their opinion on: 

Should matriarchal society exist in the modern world? Should matriarchal be as common and acceptable as patriarchal? State three reasons, and provide specific examples and details supporting your claim. 



Pooja Jayanth – 7th grade

Pooja works hard, listens to directions, and is enthusiastic about participating—in brainstorming sessions, vocabulary flashcards, and even homework assignments. Because she is motivated and interested in improving her skills, she makes a solid effort to avoid distractions and stay focused on the task at hand.