The Systematic Issues with Matriarchy

          Matriarchy is not a sign of women empowerment, though many people in the media see it as. I strongly agree that matriarchy and patriarchy are similar if not the same concept with a little tweak, and since patriarchy is not considered a sign of men empowerment, then matriarchy is also not a sign of women empowerment. 
         To begin with, I believe that there will be a gender bias if a patriarchy were to exist. For example, in many Middle Eastern countries that are mainly patriarchy, many women do not have the same rights as men, such as voting or going out in public without a hijab. To elaborate, due to patriarchy being in existence for many centuries, it was believed that men were superior to women, and that women are only useful in terms of to giving birth and working around the house. If matriarchy were to exist, why would men not fit into the stereotypes and have restrictions in their freedom? It would happen for in a matriarchy it would mostly be women who would lead society similar to how men lead in a patriarchy. Also, perhaps like women in a patriarchal society, men might not be allowed to do things such as work regular jobs or vote. This would cause much anger and destruction though it is unlikely if a matriarchal society were to spring up now. To summarize, in the same way women were not allowed to do certain things, the same can will happen to men if  matriarchy were to exist.
          Also, if a matriarchy were to spring from nowhere, there would be a lot of chaos. When Queen Elizabeth I was crowned, many people thought she would not be a great leader because she was a woman. However, due to Queen Elizabeth’s ambition and questionable leadership, she managed to prove them right. To add on, it would not be fair for men if women have more opportunity and rights. This would lead to many riots and protests. As seen from past events, it would take many decades of violence for men to have the same rights and opportunities as women, and by then lives will have ultimately been claimed. I believe change is important most of the time. It is a good thing, but in this case, it might be is dangerous for innocent people’s lives. If matriarchy were to exist, it would turn the world into disarray. 
          Lastly, I strongly believe matriarchy will not solve any current problems in the world. The reason that matriarchy was thought to be a valid idea was due to the problems of the patriarchy. However, I believe that if they was matriarchy, it would have the same problems as patriarchy. For example, would women or men without the other gender’s help solve racism, overpopulation, global warming? The obvious answer is no, because one gender cannot do everything. To condense, I believe that if there were to be matriarchy, it would not solve any of the world’s problems. 
          To simply summarize, I believe that matriarchy should not exist. In the same way, in a patriarchal society, there is a gender bias that women are not good, so the same thing can be applied in matriarchy, don't you think? Also, if a matriarchy were to come out of nowhere, it would cause chaos for we have lived in democracy for a long time, and shifting it now will cause a lot of disorganization. To add on, matriarchy is not beneficial and will not help solve current problems for patriarchy and matriarchy are similar concepts with a minor tweak. I believe that neither patriarchy nor matriarchy should exist, and rather both genders should rule the world together in peace.

This was a part of the Women's Day week in which students had to write their opinion on: 

Should matriarchal society exist in the modern world? Should matriarchal be as common and acceptable as patriarchal? State three reasons, and provide specific examples and details supporting your claim. 



Divyanshu Somasekhar - 8th grade

Adorned with a beautiful cursive writing, Divyanshu is an enthusiastic learner. Not only is he eager to learn new lessons, he also makes sure he uses his class time constructively. He has a great vocabulary bank, and combined with his commitment to doing his best, this young writer continues to make steady progress in all areas of writing.