End of the rainbow by Daniyal Farooqui

As I reached the end of the rainbow, I was shocked to discover lots and lots of gold growing on a thorny and prickly bramble. Large droplets of rain were pouring from the cerulean sky. The circumjacent areas were dank like the rainforest. Since I had more than enough dough in my pockets after I stuffed the gold, I decided to leave my old life behind and become a cottagecore. Also, my neighbor’s kid constantly complaining of humdudgeon; it was really getting onto my nerves! Right as I was about to leave, a wizard appeared. I quickly hid behind another large bramble nearby. I saw the wizard performing what looked like a necromancy on someone's grave. My friend Allen, the rawgabbit, used to do something like this. What if he was also a wizard performing necromancy? I thought to myself. Necromancy is an extremely old mumpsimus, and I didn’t know it was still performed today. I was jargogled by his act! I quickly moved away from him, and luckily he didn’t see me. I followed my dream of becoming a cottagecore and left my home promptly. Soon, I was on a boat to an old village where it was peaceful and quiet, and when I saw the beautiful spoondrift dance to the tune of wind, I knew my life was finally set.
Story prompt:
As I reached the end of the rainbow, I was shocked to discover…

Students were asked to complete the story, but condense the story in one paragraph. They were also instructed to use all the March vocabulary words: bramble, cerulean, dank, necromancy, cottagecore, rawgabbit, mumpsimus, humdudgeon, jargogle, and spoondrift.



Daniyal Farooqui - 7th grade

Daniyal has a curious and creative mind, with an impressive range of vocabulary, which he always tries to incorporate in his writing. A cricket enthusiast, he enjoys the gentleman’s game and plays intense cricket on Saturdays and Sundays for long hours.