How Matriarchy Would Better Our World

        “To those who are accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression.” (Unknown). The modern world is primarily ruled by a patriarch; the man is the head of the house and tasked with managing the household. In reality though, a woman is often running everything behind the scenes, making sure everything runs smoothly. I strongly believe a matriarchal society will create a positive difference in the world if women are given a chance to take the lead.
         To begin with, a matriarch will show more empathy and conception, and typically be more understanding and think before she acts. For instance, a woman would be able to resolve conflict in a more effective way. A woman is often given the job of caring for children, so they develop a natural sense of affinity. They listen to both sides of the conflict and try to take everyone’s emotions into consideration to the point where both parties reach a compromise. For example, my sister and I once got into a tiff because she kept stealing my pens. We would constantly argue and make passive-aggressive comments at each other until my mother was finally fed up. She sat us down and heard both of our points of view. I complained that Aashritha would always take my things without asking, while she would argue that my things are “cooler.” After listening and comprehending what we had to say, my mom came up with a sensible solution that would benefit both sides. She was able to solve our problems with level-head and compassion. My father, on the other hand, would likely would just have told both of us to “get over it” and carry on with life. Overall, a matriarchal society would lead to more compassion and understanding among its people. 
        Secondly, if society was governed by a matriarch, there would be more equality among genders in the workforce and politics. For example, there is a disparity in the pay scale between male and female workers; a woman makes $0.87 for every dollar that a man does. Even women in high positions, such as CEOs earn a salary that is 18% less than their male counterparts! If society was led by a matriarch, then she would no doubt, work and advocate for equal pay and opportunities in the area of employment. In addition, if more women were heads of state, many countries would be directed in a different direction. In the U.S. Presidential Election of 2016, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton faced defeat against former President Trump. I personally feel that if Hillary Clinton had won, the United States of America would have taken a different approach to things like COVID-19; President Trump worried more about the economy than the state of the people. Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, however, was able to take into account the well-being of the people, and the state of the economy, and protect the country all at once. Chancellor Merkel was able to understand the situation, and rather than making rash decisions, she was able to save the lives of many. As you can see, a matriarchal society would lead to a more equal labor force and add value in the government decisions too. 
        Lastly, a matriarchal society would allow more females to dream bigger dreams and follow their passions without any guilt in their hearts. For instance, many societies in the world frown on women pursuing their education, and this can make women feel selfish and guilty for choosing their passions over the family. In fact, many women don’t even have basic education because of their familial obligations. This can lead to hardship, and further lead to women simply dreaming of things that they may never have the chance of getting. A female ruler would be able to understand these daily struggles that a large number of ladies are confronted with and work to make society more forgiving, thus allowing more women to accomplish their biggest dreams. Besides, a female leader would advocate for more females in the workforce and education, and more ladies doing what they please rather than serving other people. A matriarch could serve as an inspiration and be the catalyst that many females seek out to satiate their desires. All in all, a matriarchal society would take the hopeful thoughts and dreams of many women and create a world to turn them into realities.
        In conclusion, a matriarchal society would allow for more growth and development of people of all races, genders, backgrounds, and identities with their natural sense of sympathy and passion to support equality in the workplace and nurturing the dreams of other women around the world. “A little more matriarchy is what the world needs, and knows it. Period. Paragraph.” (Dorothy Thompson).

This was a part of the Women's Day week in which students had to write their opinion on: 

Should matriarchal society exist in the modern world? Should matriarchal be as common and acceptable as patriarchal? State three reasons, and provide specific examples and details supporting your claim. 



Darshita Rakam – 11th grade

Darshita is hardworking, dedicated, and best of all, self-motived. Her sincerity towards her work is commendable. She always ruminates on her assigned task, and then uses a combination of intense thinking and writing to compose her stories, essays, and poems. Her handwriting is a joy to read!