Not your average girl

Every other day I trek through the lush green woods
In my mother’s opinion, that's not how girls should. 
I ignore my friend’s parties, it’s not much a pain
After I told them, they thought I was insane. 
Making me dress up in pink and purple is just mean
If you ask me, I prefer shades of chartreuse green.
At school I’m always coated in mud and leaves
I always get comments on my scratched up sleeves.
It’s like my mind is fine tuned to the wild
But nature has always had me beguiled. 
So much for homework, it’s like sitting in the trash 
But give me a leaf and I’ll analyze it in a flash.
I’m not into things the average girl does
I hope they know it’s the forest I love.

Select four pairs of words (or more) from the word bank to create a rhyming couplet that tells a story in the form of a poem. While your write, keep in mind that:

1. The couplet must be a complete thought or should tell the full story.
2. The couplet must have the same or similar number of syllables.



Aditi Ahuja - 7th grade

Aditi has lively and vivid imagination, weaving tales with such intricate details and finesse that it's almost impossible not to get lost in her world. Her vocabulary is strong, and so is the command of English language. As much as she enjoys building fiction stories, she simply detests writing formal essays!