The Mystery of Space

The girl gazed into the navy blue sky
Wondering if she would ever be that high.
She had always loved a good mystery
And that mystery was the galaxy.
As she stared everyday into the night
She never let go of that ambitious sight.
She knew that very soon
That she would explore the moon. 
A few years passed, and she finally reached
And word of her accomplishment was preached.
All those long years ago
Something she did not know. 
She would be the first person in time ever
To set foot beyond the moon and endeavor.

Select four pairs of words (or more) from the word bank to create a rhyming couplet that tells a story in the form of a poem. While your write, keep in mind that:

1. The couplet must be a complete thought or should tell the full story.
2. The couplet must have the same or similar number of syllables.



Shriya Tandon - 6th grade

Shriya is enthusiastic about participating in class discussions and articulates her thoughts well. She is eager to learn new lessons, listens to instructions, and follows through with assigned tasks. Passionate about reading and writing, Shriya continues to blossom into an even better writer.