An Autumn Story

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      A swift, but cool and gentle wind settled. It was now autumn, the breeze was cool and unusually cozy. Akari was a timid and faint hearted girl for the smallest reasons. She decided to set up a tent next to a beautiful river, which it looked as if heaven was outside! As she set up the tent, her parents and little brother went on a relaxing walk. Her fluffy white dog stayed back with her though. It was supposed to be a brisk walk, instead, it occupied too much time. Hours had passed and then finally Akari took on the decision to look for them. It wasn’t even a minute when her parents came back as soon as she left to find them. As she walked on, she knew she was going to have a sore back; her backpack was huge and heavy. Snowflake, her pet dog, was boldly marching, determined to save the day with her bold sense of smell. Akari was an over-thinker, she asked questions that had no known answers. However, she was smart in many  ways. Instead of finding one answer, she found all the other possible answers. Akari was smart, but too emotional, and with her family gone, she couldn't bear it for long. A few hours trailed by, but she kept walking as she bit her hair and clenched her teeth. As for Snowflake, her confidence had shrunk. It seemed as if life turned over as an hourglass would. In a blink, Snowflake's eyes widened as soon as she saw footprints leading up to a staircase down. Immediately, the dog  ran in the direction of the stairwell. Akari followed Snowflake. It looked sketchy, but she thought what if her parents had taken took shelter in there. It was a low chance, but there was literally nothing else she could to do. 

      Below was a bunker, and there was a door leading to the bunker with a lock and the code written right above the door. They walked in, but saw nothing. It was dark with one candle on a table with broken edges. There was cold tea on the table and a book spread wide open. The title of the book was “Wither.” Akari glanced at the back, and it was about a rose wilting after every attack to one particular person. There were bookshelves in every corner, which made her think about who would read that many books. There was one thin book, and it looked to have about ten pages, but a lot of them were torn out. It only had one word on every page. The writer was anonymous too. It reminded her of ghost stories similar to Red Eyes, Bloody Mary, and Slender Man. This really shook up her stomach and she felt the urge to leave then and there. Just then, Snowflake rushed out and the door closed on her leg. Blood colored the beige floor, a romantic red some would call. Akari broke into frantic sweat and she was about to go insane. Her head throbbed and her scalp felt like it was about to fall off. Just as she discovered she was going insane, small voices crowned her head, saying things that would harm her mentally. Akari was a kind girl that didn’t like to sin, so she never thought a punishment this bad would happen in her life. In an instant, what felt like a really long and pointy nail impaled Akari’s head on to a board. Her eyes rolled up and she could see the back of her eye socket, and she felt as if she was seconds away from being possessed. A huge groan broke the deafening silence as a horrifying demon possessed an angelic human. A liver broke through from her skin and fell on the floor, the two shades of red conjoining. What a deep shade of red it was! Behind her was the monster who looked like Slender Man but shorter, and with a huge eye that took up its whole scalp. Spiders rushed into her lungs as the possession began, it was quite quick but she  experienced the side effects. It was maybe because the monster needed to have a way to get out? Perhaps no one will know, unless they turn in the direction of a demon whose soul visits hell. 

      Akari found it hard to breathe in this situation; there was a pool of blood, too many spiders in her lungs, a huge monster behind her, and on top of everything, she was scared to death! As a final decision, she attempted to save her dog by tricking the monster into opening the door. Her parents, still at the tent, started to worry, but thanks to Snowflake who returned back, they were able to track down the bunker. Apparently, Akari’s leg and liver were found with a pool of blood, but there was no body, no Akari, no nothing, as far as anyone could see. Akari, the sad flying spirit, floated above to a place where she finally belonged. Heaven.  



Saanvi Manukonda -7th grade

Saanvi is calm, curious, creative, and super soft-spoken! This young girl is a profound thinker, with intellectual depth and a mind that’s always observing life closely. Her work often mirrors the inner workings of life.