Beneath My Feet

      Detective Seth Dukes was a handsome brunet with a great sense of humor, and his assistant, Brenda Leigh Johnson, a young and alluring woman with ginger-colored hair and a delicate smile on her face. Together, they worked to solve the crimes that transpired in their beloved town, Hindenburg. One luminous fall day, as the sun depicted its bright rosy hue in the sky, rumors about the kidnappings of house pets, particularly dogs, spread like wildfire throughout Hindenburg. It came to an extent that it was displayed in the newspapers! After hearing what had happened, Seth and Brenda came to the scene. 

      They went to investigate at house number 501. As soon as they went by the place where the pet, an Alaskan Malamute, was kept before it was stolen, they sensed a fetid, malodorous smell that they could not bear. They pinched their noses and scrutinized the scene. They could only find little remnants of white powder on the ground. Brenda handed Seth a brown paper bag and Seth collected the samples, which were later to be tested in a lab. They went to all the houses where the crime was done and they could find nothing else but the same white powder. A few days after they had visited house 501, the lab results came in. It had been determined that these were illegal drugs called Dalmane, which help put humans and animals to sleep for about 1-2 hours and they smelt disgusting too. This was what the criminal had been using to kidnap the pets. Seth and Brenda were trying to figure this out when another kidnapping had been reported on house number 325. They bolted towards the scene and again the same horrid smell filled the air. After arriving, they found nothing but the same white powder. Brenda said, “Come on! When will we find the thief?” Just then they heard a soft roar of a vehicle. Without hesitation, they ran outside. They looked around and saw a jet-black van moving into the distance and speeding away. “What are we going to do!” screamed Brenda. Seth took a small device with a red light on it and hurled it, getting it right on the top of the van. He had planted a tracker on the van, and now with this, they could detect where the van was going. They got into their old cerulean Dodge Charger Pursuit and raced towards the place where the tracker showed them to go. This place looked very familiar to both Seth and Brenda. They were getting closer and closer when suddenly, the tracker lay motionless. When they reached the destination, they were flabbergasted. The tracker indicated an arrow right where their hideout was. It was their home. It was where they would spend hours trying to solve crimes! 

      They got out of the car and trod softly towards the entrance. They opened the door armed with a Desert Eagle pistol but they could find nothing. They looked at the tracker and they were at the exact pinpoint. What if the criminal was beneath them? They looked for ways the criminal could have gotten in. Then, they suddenly knew. Years before they had built their home, their research lab, there was an old empty room in it. They had asked the contractors to demolish it and build their factory but given the current circumstances, Seth and Brenda were sure they had just hidden the room somehow and built their lab over it. They knew the only way in was to dig their way in. They picked up shovels and began digging, trying to make absolutely no noise. Then, they hit something hard with a soft clink. It was a titanium room. They dug more until they came across two buttons. They clicked the first one and surprisingly, the ground opened up and they saw a place for the van to come through. Without hesitation, they pressed the second one and the door flung open. They then met Steve Allucard, their old contractor! They quickly tazed him down and he had no idea what was happening. Steve was surprised to see Seth and Brenda. He said, “How did you guys know?” Seth told him the whole story and asked why he had been kidnapping pets. Steve said in an unregretful voice, “Those house pets had once killed my parents! They saw a house pet struggling in the water and they both jumped to save them. They saved his life but they lost theirs. This is why I have been kidnapping these pets.” 

      They arrested him and gave him to the police. Once again, Seth and Brenda were heroes of Hindenburg and famous all around the country for accomplishing such a great feat.



Daniyal Farooqui - 7th grade

Daniyal has a curious and creative mind, with an impressive range of vocabulary, which he always tries to incorporate in his writing. A cricket enthusiast, he enjoys the gentleman’s game and plays intense cricket on Saturdays and Sundays for long hours.