Mission to Find the Missing Pets

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      It was around seven in the morning when the detective duo woke up from their cozy slumber. They could see the spectrum of autumn colors from outside their window. They could see the thousands of autumn leaves littering the ground not with trash but with color. The routine was simple: they would sit in their living room every day, reading books or doing puzzles while they waited for a call. That day too, they eagerly waited for a call, hoping that there should be some mystery.
      “I find it hard to believe that there is nothing for us to use our detective skills for in a city like this,” said Harry, the tall man who had been reading a book to the short stubby woman who went by the name, Matilda. 
     “I agree, I think it's quite strange for a city the size of the Bronx to be this silent,” she said in a questionable tone as she worked on the sudoku she had been working on for the past few minutes. The second she made this remark, the phone rang. She walked up to the phone and picked it up with excitement as they hadn't had a case in over a month.
      “Hello, this is the mayor, and we've been getting many calls regarding some missing pets, but the weird thing is that they aren't pets of children or normal families. They're stealing pets that have valuable items such as diamond encrusted necklaces. They've even stolen my pet dog! This is a very serious case and there will be a very serious penalty for whoever has robbed us all, not only  punishment will be given but also a reward for whoever catches gets the criminal. The reward will be 10,000 dollars worth in cash, and I think you two are the perfect detectives for the case,” said the mayor in a very serious tone. “Also the only ones," he said to himself in a less than whispering voice.       The two detectives quickly packed their tools and got ready to go on a mission that would change their lives forever. When they finally got all the information about the case, they started their expedition. The first thing that they noticed was that all the robberies were done on rich or famous people. The first person to get robbed was a renowned writer known for buying ridiculously inappropriate expensive things for his pets. All the other robberies were also similar. They had also plotted the places of the robberies. All the places they had robbed were in a pattern where they would rob one pet from every acre. 
      The robbers had robbed every acre except the one they noticed that the acre had no cities or any use, and it turned out that the acre was abandoned due to having no maintenance. They quickly got in their car after finding out this news, and as they went to the location, they heard a shriek of a dog coming from the direction of what seemed to be an old run down factory. Matilda remembered this place as her favorite ice cream factory, which had been shut down due to bankruptcy decades ago. As they walked through, trying not to step on one of the thousand sticks which had come from the tree that had grown through one of the shattered walls, they got to a dead end where they found a ginormous wooden door with fragments of light coming through the cracks. The couple found it odd that there was light in a run down ice cream factory. They slowly opened the door, and when they walked in, they saw what they thought to be all the pets that were stolen and more. There was also a pile of gold chains in the corner of the room! As they walked closer, they could see a grown adult laying down on a cot. They slowly approached the man and could see he was asleep, taking advantage of the situation he was in. They carefully put the man in handcuffs and tied him to a chair. Being the impatient man Harry was, he punched the man in the face for all the crimes he committed. 
      “Who the heck are you thinking you can punch me,” said the robber. 
      “Detective Harry, and you are under arrest,” he said proudly after finishing his first case with his amazing partner Matilda. After this, the only thing the city of Bronx could talk about was the amazing pair of detectives, Harry and Matilda. The city now knew them for not being the only detectives but also the city's most honorable detectives. 



Kavin Pandiarajan - 7th grade

Kavin is dedicated to his craft, and listens to opportunities to improve and doesn’t mind going the extra mile to incorporate suggestions and meet the expectations. As a result of which, he has shown improvement in a short period of time. An enthusiastic learner, he continues to work hard and produce quality work.