The Identifier of Carl Wright

      Sarah was walking through the luscious woods with nothing on her mind, but a way to get home. She wondered how she and her dog Max ended up in this situation. Sarah was on a hiking trip along with a crew of four people studying the behaviors of different animals and how their behaviors correlated to their ecosystem. She and her team were hiking in different parts of the woods observing various types of animals until a colossal rainstorm hit the dark blue sky. Immediately after the storm started, she and her dog lost their way. They walked for hours and hours on, walking through the battle cry of the wolves and the murmurs of the bees until Sarah walked past a tree, however, she immediately noticed this wasn’t any ordinary tree. For, the tree bark had felt like plastic and the leaves were a bright green despite it being autumn. She immediately knew what this was. You see, Sarah was in university, studying for a degree in biotechnology, and however, one subject that she took that did not match her degree was history, and in history, the class was currently learning about World War II. She knew that the U.S liked to mask their bunkers in various ways and that the most common one was a tree. She immediately started to bang mercilessly until a hole in the tree opened. To her delight, she saw a pathway of stairs inside the hole. She started to walk down the stairs cautiously to find a large bunker.

        Sarah looked around the desolate bunker as her dog, Max, started to bark softly. The bunker was dark and desolate. It had a few couches, a large bed, and a shelf full of food. Sarah looked around to find any instrument of communication but found nothing. Just then she heard large footsteps upstairs and saw the shadow of a door opening. She saw a large closet on her far-right and she hid in there as she watched what would happen. A large shadowy man, with a black shirt and orange vest, entered the room with a black shirt and orange vest. He wore black trousers with large white stripes on the side. He then left his phone on a table and went to a cubical on Sarah’s far left. She immediately knew what she had to do. She took the phone and ran upstairs hoping the man wouldn’t come back to the surface in the next minute. 
        Sarah whistled to her dog Max who was outside, behind a tree releasing his excrement. Sarah then went on the phone and searched up the nearest town near her, which happened to be a mile away. She then heard footsteps behind her and when she turned back, she saw it was the same man. In full light, Sarah saw his face. He had a sharp chin with grey hair and blue eyes, with he had a scar on his forehead and his face was wrinkled. She saw his face and knew who he was. His name was Carl Wright. He was a man missing for many years. His missing case was infamous, for no detective in the country could solve it. He used to be the a C.E.O of Niky, but after disagreements with the board of directors, he went missing. Due to this, many people thought think he was killed by the board, but Sarah at first sight hand realized he wasn't. He glanced at her and said, “Don’t tell anyone.” Sarah then looked at the woods and then ran as fast as she could, and she didn't turn back to see the mysterious figure. After a few minutes, Sarah reached Winthrop, a small city in Washington. She contacted her colleagues and headed back to Houston, her hometown. Sarah told told the police the whereabouts of Mr. Wright, and he was immediately taken into custody. Wright said that he only did this to maintain peace but many speculated this was is a lie. Sarah soon became renowned for solving a case not even the best detectives could solve. On a happier note, Sarah went on to become a competent biomedical engineer, however, to this day she still wondered why it was she who found Carl Wright.  



Divyanshu Somasekhar - 8th grade

Adorned with a beautiful cursive writing, Divyanshu is an enthusiastic learner. Not only is he eager to learn new lessons, he also makes sure he uses his class time constructively. He has a great vocabulary bank, and combined with his commitment to doing his best, this young writer continues to make steady progress in all areas of writing.