Fall in Fabulous France

Fire-red ferraris parked on street sides
A fairly fresh parfum leaves us all in a trance
We step on the flurry of faded feathers 
As we joyfully frolic in all the fall foliage
And fancy the fashionable architecture 
Tourists flock to famous formal restaurants to feast
Friendly guests frantically flock from shop to shop 
France fascinates us with a frenzy of excitement.  

Write a poem about fall using the sub-theme: Goodbye to summer, hello to fall.



Kavin Pandiarajan - 7th grade

Kavin is dedicated to his craft, and listens to opportunities to improve and doesn’t mind going the extra mile to incorporate suggestions and meet the expectations. As a result of which, he has shown improvement in a short period of time. An enthusiastic learner, he continues to work hard and produce quality work.