Fall Memories to Savor

Vibrant leaves paint the maple trees
Leaves waver and move off the branches
 Undressing the spindly wood underneath
Crisp autumn air fills my lungs 
Carrying the faint scent of pumpkin spice
A cool breeze tickles my fingertips
Bringing a tingling feeling with it
The leaves crunch from gentle steps
I take a bite of my cinnamon apple crepes
The taste of it reminding me of my childhood
Children joyfully play in a playground
Equipped with their bright fall sweaters
As the musky leaves scent crawl up my nose
Making me slightly unexpectedly flinch
Piles and piles of it stacked around and about
Red, yellow and orange splash the rough ground
The coolness of my plate and the warmth of crepes
Confuse my hands as to what to feel
Fall is not forever
But the memories are to savor.

Write a poem about fall using your five senses to set the fall scene.



Pranav Saranga - 8th grade

Pranav is a confident and positive person, and has clarity of thought. Additionally, he is able to take directions well and instantly apply them to his writing skills. He is rapidly developing a fine vocabulary; not only he grasps new words readily, he is also able to apply them to his work.