Felicia’s Figment for Frances

Felicia flounces as Friday fast approaches
Father Frances is turning forty-five
From flaky fish pastries to fudge funnel cake
The fantastic function and feast aims to fascinate
From a hall in fall in France, invite is for friends and foes
Fragnance, flowers, fossils, and fashion are bestowed
Party favors float in flowy stream fanta
Folks flirt in the fiesta as the twilight fills the field
Finally Felicia’s fantasy is fulfilled 
Father Frances is forever full.

Pick the letter "F" and write an alliteration poem about Felicia, an imaginary girl.



Darshita Rakam – 11th grade

Darshita is hardworking, dedicated, and best of all, self-motived. Her sincerity towards her work is commendable. She always ruminates on her assigned task, and then uses a combination of intense thinking and writing to compose her stories, essays, and poems. Her handwriting is a joy to read!