The One Who Frees and Flouts All

Yellow-white morning rays light up a sky of possibilities, new and exciting
Darkness approaching on a swift carriage, brings unalterable destiny, irreversible past, and fading present
A sign of a new start
Like the sudden splash of fresh water
The change of familiar patterns
Like the ripping of a comforting sweater
Crisp morning air, unwelcoming and harsh
Fighting and battling 
To be heard in an uncaring world
Evening air, refreshing and free
Relaxed and unwinded
In a dreamlike moment
Creating dull recollections
Making gold memories
The season that frees and flouts all.

High-schoolers were asked to write a poem on fall exploring the "duality of fall." Incorporating both positive and negative aspects of the season remained the crux of the poem.



Pratishtha Rao - 9th grade

Pratishtha has a natural flair for writing. She writes effortlessly, weaving words together like how a true writer does. Because of her depth of thought and clarity of mind, she is able to write on a variety of topics...many pages within a short amount of time.