Duality of Seasons

Falling out of heated skies
And stepping foot into misty daybreak
Giving summer a rebounding goodbye
But smiling at the embrace of fall
Letting go of the swimming, the biking, and the lazy quiet days
Filling bags with the art projects, the math tests, and the futile pain
So much to do but time runs away, like the blink of an eye, or a tired baby’s cry
All of those happy warm times are like a daydream
But fall isn’t as bad is it seems
Laughing with friends at lunchtime
And waving as their bus comes by
The seasons are like a dual reality 
Both are so different, yet have so many similarities.

Students were asked to write a poem on fall, highlighting how change in season means letting go of one thing and grabbing another or transitioning into another phase of life.   



Aditi Ahuja - 7th grade

Aditi has lively and vivid imagination, weaving tales with such intricate details and finesse that it's almost impossible not to get lost in her world. Her vocabulary is strong, and so is the command of English language. As much as she enjoys building fiction stories, she simply detests writing formal essays!